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Klassic Car Parts

For the classic car restorer or collector!
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1964 Ford Galaxie
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1956 Ford F100
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1955 Oldsmobile Holiday
1955 Chevy Sedan
1952 Studebaker
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 "Call us for all your classic car or truck needs!"



If you do not see what your looking for on our website does not mean we can't get it for you! 

Call us with any questions at:

(912) 580-5641 or

3% processing fee will apply for U.S. customers.  

4% processing fee for international customers.





This is what's possible when you have the will,imagination and can do attitude!
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VW Beetle Bug Exterior Sun Visor
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We are please to offer classic car parts locating service, lets us help you find that part or parts for your classic car or truck.


Ask us about our reproduction & N.O.S. parts :


Classic car windshields & glass, weatherstripping, windshield seals, rubber seals, rubber parts, exterior sun visors, steel fender skirts,windshield frames  for various makes and models.

We also provide tune up parts for your classic - Dodge, Plymouth, DeSoto and Chrysler cars.

( oil filters, spark plugs, distributor kits, plug wire cable sets and  more).

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click on the left hand tab- "Engine Servicing & Parts," for detailed parts listings.

Exterior Visors on Cars
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After receiving requests and offers to buy or sell parts & cars for our customers we have created a new worldwide classifieds to help you sell your used,new or unwanted parts to the classic car,motorcycle and airplane collector communities.

We hope you enjoy using the new website.

Click on one of the links below:

This site is an alternative to ebay  & other sites.

Like most of you visiting this website, I'm a classic car enthusiast,I collect and restore my own classic cars and also part out classic cars.



Due to nationwide crushing of old cars It's getting harder and harder to find antique classic car parts, but we hope to offer you the classic car owner or soon to be owner a place where you can find what you need.
We have access to thousands of classic cars. Our goal is to help you find that part that will complete your project and get some of these beauties back on the road.



Give us a call with any requests you might have.


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Klassic Car Parts


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